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Waste management and recycling

Did you know that Lappeenranta won the Finnish Association of Municipal Engineering’s award for its plastic waste sorting in 2018? Correctly sorting your household waste is a good way of contributing to the circular economy and promoting the re-use of materials. Remember to take any dangerous materials to the hazardous waste collection point at your nearest recycling centre! If you need to buy a new piece of equipment, it’s worth considering whether you could lease it or asking your neighbours, housing company, relatives or friends to share the cost with you. You might even be able to pick one up cheaply at a local flea market.

Select a climate action

  • Reduce the amount of waste

  • Recycle correctly (bio-waste, plastic packaging, glass, metal, carton/Tetrapak, paper and hazardous waste)

  • Consider how necessity of products

  • Borrow, lease, share

  • Use recycled goods

  • Avoid disposable goods

  • Purchase gift cards for services instead of material gifts

  • Favor environmentally friendly brands

Capital of Finland

Lappeenranta has been chosen as the Climate Capital of Finland by WWF in 2014 and 2016.

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