Internationalization – what’s entrepreneurial ecosystems got to do with it? | Greenreality
Maanantai, 22. maaliskuu 2021 - 14:00 - 16:00

Internationalization – what’s entrepreneurial ecosystems got to do with it?

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Below you can read who are the speakers of the webinar and what internationalization means for them in their current work.

Hannes Velt

Matti Malkamäki

Olli Palvas



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Webinar: Internationalization – what’s entrepreneurial ecosystems got to do with it?

Date & time: 22.3.2021 at 14-16.00  

Place: Zoom, virtual conferencing tool

Are you leading your firm towards international growth in this time when borders to the world are largely closed but remote connections have begun to make location seem almost obsolete? Does internationalization of your business seem like a challenge that would be better solved together – as a community? Do you want to hear of what entrepreneurial ecosystems can mean?

Join us in a webinar that brings the latest research insights and practice into the same discussion!

The aim of the webinar is to bring us together to see and to think of how to strengthen the “green business community” of Southern Karelian region as an enabler of international growth of its firms.

In the webinar we will first hear from Hannes Velt, a researcher and entrepreneurial ecosystem expert from LUT University, and from two Greenreality Network companies – Aurelia Turbines and Elektroway – who have experience in making a business grow international. Janne Hietaniemi from Solved will share how their digital marketplace for sustainability-related talent adds to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem in Finland and enables international expansion of firms expert by expert. With the leadership of these four, you are warmly welcome to join the discussion of how businesses of the Southern Karelian region can build and benefit from its entrepreneurial ecosystem and grow beyond the country borders as a collective effort.

The webinar is open for all who are interested in developing South Karelia as an internationally oriented, innovative community of businesses in the energy and environment sector: inventors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, development directors, international sales experts, students with international or technical skills.

Program outline of the webinar at 14–16.00:

  • Welcoming words, Markku Mäki-Hokkonen, Greenreality Network & Lappeenranta City
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems and born globals, Hannes Velt, LUT University
  • Internationalization journeys, Matti Malkamäki, Aurelia Turbines & Olli Palvas, Elektroway
  • On-demand experts for sustainability and international growth, Janne Hietaniemi, Solved
  • Facilitated panel discussion with Q&A


The event is in English.

Please, register for the event by filling in the form below.

Link to Zoom-meeting will be provided for registered participants closer to the event.

This webinar is a part of the Fast Teams project. The project is implemented by the City of Lappeenranta and LUT University. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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