Kulttuuritila Nuijamies

Kulttuuritila Nuijamies is a cultural venue located in culturally important premises in the centre of Lappeenranta. The former cinema building was saved from demolition and is largely maintained by a voluntary association. In addition to holding its own events, the venue also rents out its premises to others.

As a Greenreality partner, Nuijamies intends to become more environmentally friendly by appointing someone to take charge of environmental issues; by performing an energy review of the venue; and by servicing machinery and equipment on a regular basis.

Plenty of recycled materials and less food waste

In just over six months of Greenreality partnership, Kulttuuritila Nuijamies has already become more environmentally friendly! In accordance with its targets, Nuijamies has been regularly servicing its equipment and has even made some additional changes that are not included in its targets. For example, the venue’s restaurant actively strives to prevent food waste and uses a wide range of recycled materials. The restaurant’s refrigerators are all leased, and all of the tech equipment and seating in the performance space have been purchased secondhand. Nuijamies also plans to make improvements to waste sorting in the near future.