El’Si is a lunch café in Lauritsala. El’Si offers lunch and catering services. It plans, prepares and serves meals for celebrations in its own or corporate premises, and also prepares food and baked goods for collection.

As a Greenreality partner, El’Si’s goal is to recycle its packaging materials and introduce a deposit system for its food packaging. El’Si also wants to reduce its electricity consumption by switching to LED lighting and using only local lighting when required. The company aims to make more efficient use of materials and ingredients by boosting the efficiency of deliveries, minimising food waste, and fully using all purchased materials as efficiently as possible.

More efficient routes and fewer vehicles

During approximately four months of partnership, the lunch café has enhanced its environmental friendliness in accordance with its Greenreality targets. El’Si has switched to more energy-efficient LED lighting, delivery routes are more efficient, the number of vehicles has been reduced, and 30 per cent less office paper is now being used thanks to digital systems.