Sisustus-lahjatavaraliike / ompelimo Eleonora

Eleonora is a combined gift shop, home decor shop and dressmaker located in the very heart of Lappeenranta at Valtakatu 38. This cosy shop provides both excellent customer service and a wide range of gifts, home decor products and greeting cards. The company also offers professional dressmaking services.

At Eleonora, you can find high-quality and timeless decor items and gifts that will bring joy to the recipient for a long time to come. Customers can say no to throwaway culture by investing in individual, high-quality products from small manufacturers.

Eleonora wants to invest in a good range of products, and particularly those from the local area. Its dressmaking service also promotes eco-friendliness by prolonging the life of clothing, as it undertakes a lot of repairs and refits.

Through its Greenreality partnership, the company is now paying more attention to waste sorting and reducing waste. More active attention is also being paid to saving energy, and efforts are being made to steer the shop in a more environmentally friendly direction. As a Greenreality partner, the company is aiming to start recycling plastic and to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging materials. Electricity consumption will be reduced by, for example, regularly defrosting fridges and freezers. Customers will also be actively informed about environmentally friendly practices and choices.