Lappeenranta Spa

Since it opened in 1870, Lappeenranta Spa (formerly Lappeenrannan kylpylä) has established itself as part of both the culture and landscape of Lappeenranta. Lappeenranta Spa offers a wide range of wellbeing services, such as pools, saunas, group exercise classes, spa treatments and accommodation.

As a Greenreality partner, Lappeenranta Spa will be modernising its lighting and focusing on energy efficiency when acquiring new equipment. Lappeenranta Spa is also seeking to improve landlord-tenant cooperation. The company aims to improve its energy consumption and monitoring, and to take corrective measures as required.

Improvements in energy consumption and waste sorting

Although life at Lappeenranta Spa has largely remained unchanged after four months of Greenreality partnership, the partnership has set a new tone. More attention is now being paid to energy consumption, and waste sorting has seen a marked improvement.

Communications have also improved, which has made things easier to handle and implement. Being a tenant has often hindered the spa’s progress, as some measures cannot be implemented without the landlord’s permission and cooperation with the landlord – and some things may not be possible at all. However, the landlord does have a desire to improve the building and the tenant’s wishes have been heard and taken into account.

“As a whole, Greenreality partnership has been an eye-opening experience that has taken us in a more environmentally friendly direction.”

– Jani Inna, Lappeenranta Spa