Kinnusen talo

Kinnunen’s Jugendstil house is located in the centre of Lappeenranta. The master shoemaker Pekka Kinnunen had the corner house and yard building built from drawings made by master builder Pekka Roiha. Kinnunen’s House was built on the corner of Valtakatu and Snellmaninkatu in 1909. It is currently owned by Jaana Kinnunen, who has taken it upon herself to save the building.

The lower floor of this corner house is brick, while the upper floor has a log frame. In addition to its corner tower and yellow-plastered façade, the building’s other dominant features include the art-nouveau entrances leading into the stores, the wide display windows whose upper halves are embellished with small panes, and the protruding bay windows and decorative rectangular panes on the residential floor. It is still used as both a residential and commercial building.

As a Greenreality partner, Kinnunen’s House is committed to improving the building’s energy use. This will be achieved by insulating against heat loss, inspecting heat leakage paths such as ventilation ducts, and otherwise improving the insulation of the building’s various premises.