Ideri provides interior design and illustration services from a boutique located in Tasihin House in downtown Lappeenranta. The watercolour artist Heli Pukki, who is very well known for her postcards, works in the boutique. Heli also writes poetry, illustrates schoolbooks and undertakes commissions.

As a Greenreality partner, Ideri is committed to ending the use of cellophane in its product packaging. Products will be packed in eco-friendly and sustainable recycled cardboard. The company will also be monitoring and reducing its waste volumes. Ideri seeks to recycle all types of waste as effectively as possible, and to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Towards a greener mindset

After about six months of partnership, Ideri is already well on the way to meeting its new Greenreality targets. Cellophane is no longer used as a packaging material, and plastic use has also been significantly reduced. The amount of waste in general has decreased and is actively monitored. Partnership has changed the business’ entire approach and steered it in a much more environmentally friendly direction.

This greener mindset can be seen not only in relation to Ideri’s specific targets, but also in its operations in general. The company has switched to more energy-efficient LED lighting, and has also lowered the temperature of its underfloor heating. Card-making has moved away from small print runs towards more handmade cards, thereby reducing the amount of leftover products.

The partnership continues

After a year of being a Greenreality partner, Ideri has succeeded in achieving its goals. The company has completely given up using plastic in its product packaging, and the only plastic parts in its products are the calendar covers. In addition to the objectives it set for itself, Ideri has carried out environmental actions in the form of energy conservation, for example.

Heli Pukki, the owner of Ideri, recommends the Greenreality partnership to other companies as well. The partnership will give businesses a new boost and a sense of doing good, as well as enhancing their positive image. It is suitable for everyone and will increase a company’s responsible actions.

Ideri will continue its participation in the Greenreality programme. Its goal for 2022 is to implement plastic-free gig calendars.

“Many of the changes you need to make for the good of the environment are laborious, but once you get over the initial annoyance, you soon get into new routines. Working in the best interests of the environment makes you feel good, and the minor irritation involved in changing your consumption habits doesn’t last long.”

– Heli Pukki, Ideri