Saimaa Geopark

Valuable and continuous work for sustainable tourism

Saimaa Geopark has joined the Greenreality partnership network coordinated by the City of Lappeenranta. The city supports the network members in their sustainability work and in finding sustainable solutions. The network also shares the experiences of companies in sustainable business.

A Geopark is a coherent geographical area containing geological sites of international importance. Geoparks tell the story of the planet through the geology, living nature, landscapes and cultural heritage of their area. The key objectives of Geoparks are to enhance the natural and cultural values of the area, strengthen local identity and promote sustainable economic activities.

Sustainable choices in our actions

Saimaa Geopark is known for its numerous geologically and culturally significant sites, the value of which we also cherish for future generations by communicating and maintaining the sites on a regular basis. We guide visitors to the sites to consider the natural values of our area and to respect the environment through their own sustainable activities. We develop our region's infrastructure, nature trails, information and communicate with our regional stakeholders to act responsibly. In our own activities, we make sustainable choices, favouring recycled materials and low-energy and carbon footprint sustainable solutions.

Saimaa Geopark is part of the UNESCO Global Network. Our activities are based on the UNESCO values, and we implement locally and regionally the internationally agreed UN Agenda 2030 goals. In recognition of its valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism, Saimaa Geopark was awarded the STF certification in December 2023.

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