Karelia Lines Oy

Karelia Lines offers relaxing cruises on Lake Saimaa aboard the bright and spacious M/S Camilla. This inland vessel has room for 350 passengers, a 180-seat á la carte restaurant, a scenic bar and a large sundeck.

As a Greenreality partner, Karelia Lines intends to reduce the amount of biowaste it generates and make a greater effort to separate plastic from other waste. Karelia Lines is also committed to recycling reusable items by organising a fleamarket for staff. Karelia Lines will be taking part in training on how to save to energy and water. Fuel consumption will be monitored, and staff will be trained to sail in a more economical manner as necessary.

Food waste reduced and fleamarket organised

During its Greenreality partnership, Karelia Lines has implemented a lot of environmentally friendly changes. The company has been able to reduce the amount of biowaste it generates and has made a greater effort to separate plastic from other waste. Food waste has been combated through a new approach to menu design. A fleamarket has been arranged for staff to recycle usable items.

Training on how to save energy and water is currently scheduled for the autumn. In addition to these targets, Karelia Lines has also reduced its energy consumption by switching to more energy-efficient lightbulbs.

The partnership continues with special focus on increased monitoring

At the end of the year, Karelia Lines has achieved practically all its goals. The amount of the organic waste it produces is actively monitored and efforts are being made to reduce it. The monitoring is still ongoing, but visual observations suggest that there is very little food waste. The company has organised two flea markets and both were successful. Monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption has also been arranged. In addition to the targets, efforts have also been made to reduce the amount of other waste components, and the company’s light fittings have been replaced with LED lighting where possible.

As well as continuing to strive to achieve the goals set previously, Karelia Lines has also set new goals for the new season as a Greenreality partner. It will pay particular attention to reducing food waste, for example, by selling food that might otherwise end up in the bin at a cheaper price. The company will create clear and visible instructions for the use of sorting bins to improve the efficiency of sorting. In addition, the company will begin monitoring its CO2 emissions with the Y-HIILARI programme.