Fysio-Eskola provides physiotherapy services in Lappeenranta. Its store sells KunnonKauppa health products and also offers beauty treatments. In addition to its physiotherapy and massage services, the company also provides a range of special treatments, such as acupuncture, treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, pelvic floor physiotherapy, Testiklinikka and JalkaKlinikka support insoles, and a variety of pain treatments. You can also book appointments with a naprapath and chiropodist. Fysio-Eskola’s diverse range of group physiotherapy sessions are also very popular.

As a Greenreality partner, Fysio-Eskola is committed to reducing the amount of office paper and number of single-use products it uses whenever possible. The company has also promised to improve and diversify its waste sorting by providing guidance for both staff and customers.

Improved waste sorting and less paper used

During approximately six months of partnership, Fysio-Eskola has been paying much more attention to the amount of office paper it uses and has also been able to reduce it. For example, printed ads are carefully planned so as to be reusable. Waste sorting has been improved and staff now recycle plastic, cardboard, paper, metal and glass.

“I think this partnership is a good thing. The targets steer our business, and climate issues are often in the spotlight. I would recommend it to other companies, as many companies can achieve a lot through small changes. The targets help us to take concrete action, as although your intentions may be good, words often remain just that – words.”

– Maria Hurskainen, Fysio-Eskola

Reducing plastic

Over the year, the physiotherapy clinic Fysio-Eskola has made good progress towards its goals as a Greenreality partner, but there is still work to be done. The company has significantly reduced the consumption of office paper compared to previous years, for example, by switching to electronic invoicing. However, its consumption of paper hand towels has increased due to the coronavirus. The company has also managed to reduce its use of plastic by asking customers to bring along their own water bottles and by reducing plastic bags in its product packaging. In addition to these goals, Fysio-Eskola has paid attention to conserving energy by changing its use of lamps. It has also looked into the most effective and necessary ways of saving water.

Maarit Eskola-Heikkinen, the owner of Fysio-Eskola, recommends the Greenreality partnership to everyone and thinks the partnership is suitable for all kinds of entrepreneurs. “We are all in the same boat and every company can find its own operating model.”