Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus

Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus is an expert in vision and eye health. Its skilled opticians and ophthalmologists will take good care of your vision and the well-being of your eyes. Our opticians are specially trained in areas such as fundus photography, dry eye examinations, contact lens fittings and occupational visual needs. Silmälasikeskus is a member of Suomen Näköasiantuntijat, a national network of vision specialists whose motto is “Good vision in a healthy eye”. All products focus on quality, with particular attention paid to the properties of both frames and lenses.

As a Greenreality partner, Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus is committed to monitoring its paper consumption and increasing recycling. Unnecessary items will also be donated, and the company will include environmental priorities in its decision-making processes.

Investing in waste sorting

Over the past year, the opticians company Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus has achieved almost all its goals. The company has paid attention to its paper consumption and no waste paper is now printed out. The company sorts out its organic waste, cardboard and dry residue and intends to pay more attention to the recycling of paper in the future. New environmentally friendly materials for spectacle frames have been brought to the market, and the company will make an effort to favour them in the future.

Laura Hakkarainen, the owner of Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus, recommends the Greenreality partnership for all entrepreneurs. Of course, it makes sense for every entrepreneur to consider what kind of goals can be achieved and what could be developed in their specific sector.

Lappeenrannan Silmälasikeskus will forge ahead with the Greenreality partnership, while striving towards new goals. During the next year, the company is committed to paying attention to the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of all its procurements. It will pay particular attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials in spectacle frames. In addition, the company intends to increase its use of environmentally responsible cleaning methods.