Avot Sie!

Avot Sie! is a street food restaurant with flavours from near and far. Its cuisine is a combination of local and international, rock and Karelia. It has a lunch and à la carte menu (with both vegan and omnivorous food), serves Sunday brunch and provides live entertainment.

As a Greenreality partner, Avot Sie! is committed to developing its range of vegetarian choices and adding fish as an alternative to meat. Avot Sie! uses only Finnish meat and otherwise favours local producers and seasonal food when procuring ingredients.

Avot Sie! is also committed to finding more environmentally friendly single-use products for takeaways. When purchasing kitchen and bar equipment, the restaurant also pays attention to its recycling potential, energy efficiency and power consumption.

More vegetarian food, less electricity used

Greenreality partnership has changed business at Avot Sie! In almost six months of partnership, the restaurant has increased the proportion of vegetarian food on offer to 70 per cent, and its lunch menu includes one vegan alternative every day. Seasonal food is served every day, and the restaurant engages in close cooperation with small producers.

One new piece of equipment has been purchased during the partnership, and energy efficiency was taken into consideration by acquiring a Class A appliance. Electricity consumption has otherwise been reduced by turning off unused equipment and keeping only necessary equipment running.

More fish dishes in the menu

After a year of partnership with Greenreality, Avot Sie has been very successful in reaching its goals. Compared to the update six months ago, the company has increased the number of fish dishes on its menu. It has also acquired two new energy-efficient devices for its premises, and the rest of the equipment will be updated when the old ones need replacing. Its take-away meals are portioned out into disposable containers, which are as ecological as possible, as are its packaging materials.

Avot Sie has found the Greenreality partnership a very positive experience. It has provided the company visibility through interviews, for example. Entrepreneur Heidi Varha recommends the partnership to other companies too and thinks it would be especially suitable for restaurants, cafés, offices and hotels.

“I believe that the partnership will help companies commit to being greener. This cooperation makes you think more ecologically about your business as a whole. Take us, for example. We’ve also consolidated our purchased services, such as goods deliveries, so as to get the majority of the products we need from a single wholesaler. I believe this partnership is beneficial for businesses and heartily recommend it.”

– Heidi Varha, Avot Sie!